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What you'll learn...

All about the proofreading process & industry

How to market yourself in various ways for free

Discover the tools & editorial resources the pros use

How to collaborate with clients, editors & writers

Project management & productivity skills

Industry terms & proofreading glossary

The differences between US & UK English

How to set your rates and invoice clients

Job search and resume tips

Bonus Material

A list of job sites & companies

Practice test using a house style sheet

A mini style guide

Who this book is for...

People who have moderate to intermediate proofreading skills

Anyone who wants to break free of the cubicle and work from home or anywhere in the world

Someone who already proofreads in their day job or for friends and family

Anyone looking for a flexible job that allows you to spend time on other areas of life besides work

Entrepreneurs who want to add on to their skill set & offer more services

People wanting to make extra money on the side

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